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Roses Roses Roses

I was contacted by Jenn for a photo shoot of her 2 beautiful daughters. When she mentioned Brielle, I realized that I knew this family. Brielle had gone to preschool with my son, Kai. I was excited for this photo shoot as Brielle is a very bubbly, sweet girl; as is her sister, Avery. When they arrived, the girls were all smiles and giggles. They looked fantastic in their dresses with matching belts and shoes. They were perfection!

Jenn had brought some roses to use in the photo shoot. They were 'vintage' looking and thus began the theme of this shoot. What made this photo shoot so much fun was the girls attitude. They were willing to try anything and everything, and had ideas of their own. Brielle really wanted to pose on the ladder that I brought, so I thought 'sure, why not!' Turns out, I love the ladder shots.

This photo shoot was so much fun that I lost track of time and hadn't realized we spent 1.5 hours on this shoot. The girls could not stop giggling and I could tell they were in their element and embraced the session.

At one point, Avery had suggested we toss the flowers in the air. Love it! Then, Jenn said that we could peel off the petals and toss them in the air. It was the last shot of the night and what a perfect way to end our photo shoot.

I hope the girls love their photos!

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