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Spring is here!

Spring is in the air!

I had the honour of taking this family's photos and what a beautiful night it was. I had such a fun time with them; both boys were so well behaved and their parents were so laid back, an ideal combo for a fun and successful photo shoot.

It was a little cold but we made it work. We started in the forest but as it was getting later in the day, I suggested we get out of the forest so that we could capture more light, and I am glad we did. The lighting was absolutely perfect, as you can see in this adorable family picture below. This family really embraced the photo shoot and I felt I had to hardly give them any direction at all.

The two boys were hilarious and they were my little helpers, carrying around my ladder for me, it was so funny to watch them. I think that both boys really had a lot of fun. I had brought along a blanket and I suggested that they run under the blanket which they eagerly obliged. I love the pure joy they were having with such a simple idea.

At one point of our photo shoot, I was sitting on the ground looking at my settings and when I looked up, there they were, sitting in front of me, waiting for me to notice them. It was a perfect set up for a shot and I love how it turned out.

We finished the night with a couple shots of only the parents. With the light almost all gone we had to be quick, but I managed to capture a few with the light shining between them.

I hope they enjoy the pictures and I cannot wait to share the rest of the photos with them.

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