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The moment you've all been waiting for.....the photos that made it to top 30% in the photo contest! (and probably the final post about me talking about the photo contest, haha)

Let me start off by saying that when I entered this contest, I had low expectations of how far my photos would go. However, during the contest, I was disappointed when some photos didn't make it as far as I thought they would. Take this photo for example....

 I absolutely love this photo! I love the innocence it portrays and the beauty of its simplicity. I love the lighting, and I love the colors. This photo did not make it far at all!!! For one, I think I placed it in the wrong category...Styled Portrait/Fashion. If I were to enter this photo again, I would place it in the Kids category. 11,101 photos were submitted and it placed at 9,165. A sad number indeed! I truly believe it would have done better in Kids. When I first saw this disappointing number I felt very discouraged but I know that the clients were happy with this photo and I still love it, so who cares, right!!!

In the same category, this photo below placed Top 30%. As you can see, same category but totally different types of photos. More photos, like the one below, were placed in this category.

 Out of 11,101 photos, this photo placed 3,231...this photo beat out 7,870 other fashion photos. I am very happy with this result. This picture was taken in my studio as a selfie and was very difficult to capture. The camera body is extremely heavy and my arm was shaking. It was well worth the effort!

The next photo is of a beautiful girl named Scarlett. One afternoon we met in Langley and I shot this picture of her, and to date, it is one of my favorites.  I thought this photo would go way farther than it did. I entered it in the Kids category and it placed 12,139 out of 35,570. If you do the math, top 34%.  It still beat 23,431 photos, so when doing the math, it still did really well. 

However, the same girl in the same spot, but at a different angle, made it to Top 30%. Out of 35,570, this photo placed 7,700. Amazing! 

On a side note, this photo shoot I did, jump started my photography career and reignited my passion for photography....invaluable!

 The photo of my son below was taken during a road trip we were taking across BC and Alberta. My son had just started learning how to ride a bike without training wheels and when we found this bridge, I couldn't help but stop to take this picture. I almost didn't enter this photo into the contest as I thought that I love this photo because it is of my son, but never did I think it would go as far as it did. Again, out of 35,570 photos, it placed 8,505...beating out 27,065 photos. 

 This photo was taken beside a busy freeway in a field of dried, ugly yellow grass. A perfect place for photos IMO. This photo placed 7,243 out of 35,570. 

 I absolutely love this photo of my nephew, Daichi. We were camping in Merritt and he stopped to touch the water so I quickly pulled out my camera to get this capture. This photo represents peace to me. It placed 8,348 out of the 35,570...I see a pattern. It seems as though my Kids photos were all placing in the 7000 to 8000 range. Very cool!

 Last, but not least, this photo of my youngest son playing with water in the bath. This represents him so well as he absolutely loves the water and you can see it in his face. This photo was submitted in the Babies and Toddlers category and out of 28,425 photos, it placed 8,267...beating out 20,158 photos. 

 All in all, I think I did better then I expected. Was I disappointed that my best photo was taken from a cell phone? Initially, yes! However, after writing these last few blog posts and seeing the numbers written out, I would say that my attitude has changed and that I should be very proud of my results. I can also take this contest as a learning experience and strive to do better next year.

Thanks for reading.

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