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Top 10%

I am sure you have all been dying to find out which one of my photos made it to top 10% in the photo contest. Some of you may have even lost sleep over it, but have no fear...today is here...and you will get to see which photo beat out 12,163 other photos. In the Creative/Personal category, 13,502 photos were submitted and this photo made it to 1,339.

I am very excited that this photo made it to top 10% as it had really challenged me and pushed me out of my comfort zone. I entered this photo into Creative/Personal Projects and this was such a diverse category. Basically, this category was the 'there is no where else to put it' category.  There was one other photo submitted that was similar to mine...a green apple with water droplets. I am dying to know where that one placed and whether or not it did better than mine. I never once came across this photo during the contest but I did see the green apple. Part of the 'thrill' of the contest is you have no idea until the very end how your photos did unless you, or someone you know, spotted your photo. I was pleasantly surprised that this photo made it as far as it did. I am excited to try more photos like this in the future.

Stay tuned to find out which one of my photos made it to top 20%

Thanks for reading.

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