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Breanna. It's Party Time!

One look at Breanna and you can't help but gush. She lights up a room with her beautiful smile. At only 2.5 years old she seems to have an exuberant zest for life and an overall positive vibe. The minute I saw her I wanted to wrap my arms around her and give her a big squeeze. She is so ridiculously cute! Her mom, Angie, also has a positive, fun personality that I noticed on the day of our shoot. Her first words to her daughter before we began was 'It's party time!' She was able to get her daughter excited about the photo shoot and thus began an amazing afternoon with Breanna.

Breanna was all smiles during our entire session. I brought a big red balloon to go with our 'Valentine's' theme but all she wanted was the blue balloon. I managed to negotiate with her and promised to get pictures with a blue balloon first and then with the red balloon after. Breanna agreed. It actually worked out perfectly as Breanna was wearing the most adorable outfit that showcased a beautiful blue jacket and white frilly socks. A perfect match with the blue balloon.

After a quick dress change, we switched to the giant red balloon that matched her beautiful red jacket. I love how the jacket and balloon stands out against the rest of the scene. Breanna was enthralled by the ducks and I was happy that they kept her entertained during our session. 

 It was a cold day, and I caught Breanna shivering, but she never once complained. Once in awhile Angie would wrap her in a blanket to keep her warm and, although this was a photo shoot just for Breanna, I couldn't help but capture a sweet moment between mother and daughter. I sweet moment to end the day.

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