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Peyton and Jacob. The Giggle Monsters!

From time to time I offer photo shoot giveaways if you like and share my post on Facebook, and this beautiful family was chosen for a Valentine Mini Session. Now I am not one for holiday props or 'themed' shoots as I feel that the photos become seasonal and I don't want that! I want my clients to be able to display their photos year round instead of seasonally. I mean, think about it, how many homes do you walk into where there is a displayed picture of kids with Santa? I cannot think of one. (unless it's Christmas time) I still do like to offer mini sessions to families, with slight undertones of themes, in this case Valentines.

Let me start off by saying that when I met this family, I instantly felt a connection. Liz is so warm and friendly and likes to laugh a lot! Her husband, Chris, was so much fun and continued to make his children laugh. The love this family has for each other shines through.

Their daughter, Peyton, is the giggle queen! I swear, the entire session, Peyton giggled...seriously, it never stopped! I hope it never does. Her giggles were infectious and it set the tone for the entire shoot. She has so much life to her and has this aura about her that just lights up a room. How can you not love that smile!

Jacob, her brother, was a tad shy at first but within a few minutes, he joined the giggle queen, and together they enjoyed their time together and our session just flew by. Jacob is such a sweet 7 year old and boy is he handsome....it's those dimples! I was bugging him during our session about how girls were going to be knocking down his door and his reaction was priceless!

I truly enjoyed my time with this family. The parents and the children were so relaxed and they took direction so well. They really were a joy to shoot and a perfect ending to the day!

I hope these photos bring you great joy!

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