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Why Parents Should No Longer Tell Their Kids to Stop Goofing Around During a Photo Shoot

I know what you may be thinking....'.is she crazy? Of course my children should be well behaved during our photo session. I want to have great family pictures'

Well, first off, if you have done a photo shoot with me, you may think I am slightly crazy. I may have been known to make farting sounds and tell silly jokes, and pretend to fall down, but these are just tactics I use to get the children to laugh, and it works!

I had one client tell me that this was the best photo shoot they have ever had (even before seeing the photos) because I got their son to smile, Apparently he doesn't smile during photo shoots. I will do whatever it takes to get the children to laugh and have fun.

Secondly, children need to be able to be silly and goof off, as this is where the magic happens. This is when I capture those genuine moments.

I am not saying that it is ok for a child to misbehave or be rude, but it is definitely ok for them to have fun and be themselves. After all, it's those genuine moments when their personalities shine through that make the best family photos!

I have photographed families where the parents are constantly telling their children to stop messing around and that stress gets passed on to the kids, which in turn, leads to an unhappy family and less than satisfactory results. Even if the pictures turn out great, the memories from that stressful day will be forever ingrained in those photos.

I had a session where the child was tired of just posing for pictures and he no longer wanted to listen. That is fine! I decided to follow him around and let him do whatever he wanted to do in that moment and those pictures were my favorite of him from that session.

One final thought!

It is my job to get those family photos, not the parents. After all, it is why you hired me, isn't it? My goal is to capture those genuine moments while the family is enjoying their time together, building lasting memories.

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